Where & When

The Industrial Visit Committee of the college organized two Industrial Visits for the learners of the college, one-day industrial visit and long industrial visit.

One Day Industrial Visit

Place: Parle Industries, Karjat, and Maganlal Chikki Factory, Lonavala.
Date: 25th July 2018-19
Description: Learners were informed about various Parle Products and the manufacturing process was shown & explained to them. The learners also visited Maganlal Chikki Factory at Lonavala. Thereafter, the learners were taken for sightseeing at Karla Caves & Ekvira Temple.

Long Industrial Visit

Place: Coorg, Mysore, and Bengaluru.
Date: 9th January 2018-19 to 16th January 2018-19
Description: Two Industries were visited of which the first was ‘MYMUL Industry’ engaged in assembling, purifying, processing & distributing milk and milk products. Learners were shown and informed about Co-operative movement in Milk from the stage of its assembling up to distribution. The Second was a Biscuit Industry “UNIBIC Biscuits” engaged in production & distribution of various brands of biscuits of which some brands were exported. Learners were also shown famous tourist places like Lal Baugh, Kaveri River (Vrindavan Garden), Tipu Palace and Bannerghatta National Park.

Gallery Long IV 2018-19